Should I take vitamin C for good healing after surgery? Why? How much vitamin C do I need?

Yes, you need extra vitamin C to heal. It can come from food or supplements.
I suggest extra vitamin C – 150 – 200 IU of vitamin C – for two weeks before surgery.

Why? We do not make Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid or ascorbate).
But we need vitamin C to make collagen, a necessary protein.
Collagen acts like glue; it holds our bodies together, including tendon, muscle, skin, fat, bone – everything.

No vitamin C, no collagen. No collagen and our bodies literally fall apart.
We use extra collagen to heal a wound – so we need extra vitamin C before surgery.

Vitamin C is in fresh, raw fruits and vegetables.
The US Department of Agriculture recommends 75 IU daily for women, 90 for men,
I recommend twice that for 2 weeks before surgery.
You’ll get 150 – 200 IU of vitamin C in –
o 3.5 ounces of blackcurrants or red peppers;
o 7 ounces of kiwi fruit or broccoli
o 14 ounces of strawberries or orange.
o 2 8-ounce glasses of fresh squeezed orange juice.

For some people a supplement is easier – up to 2000 IU of vitamin C a day is ok.
Otherwise you’ll get diarrhea and indigestion – not what you want just before surgery!

Best wishes.

Copyright April 2013 E Morgan MD