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Blood Thinners for Calf Implant Surgery

Cosmetic  Question:  Do I need blood thinners for a calf implant?   Cosmetic  Answer: Yes, depending on your risk factors, preference and your plastic surgeon’s judgment. Why?   Calf implants make it hard to walk for 1-2 weeks. The implants press on the calf muscle, slowing blood flow, increasing clot risk. Leg blood clots can… [read more]

Does cosmetic plastic surgery include cosmetic dermatology?

Cosmetic  Question:  Does cosmetic plastic surgery include cosmetic dermatology?   Cosmetic  Answer: Yes. Dermatology is office skin treatment. Plastic surgery is cosmetic operations. I offer both. It is better for my patients.   So, I offer: Skin rejuvenation – Obagi, Fillers – Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane, Radiesse, Beletero, Fat injections (face, lips and hands), Wrinkle correction… [read more]

Pectoral Implants

Cosmetic  Question:   No matter how hard I work out, my pectoral muscles won’t development.  What is involved with pectoral implants? Will they give me more definition?   Cosmetic  Answer: Pectoral implants make your pectoral (Chest) muscles look larger. They don’t increase the muscle definition. Here is what is involved.   First you have a… [read more]

Infections After Breast Enlargement

Cosmetic Surgery Question: How can I tell if I have an infection after a breast enlargement?   Cosmetic Surgery Answer: It depends if the breast augmentation (breast enlargement) put the implants above or below the muscle.   Breast implants on top of the muscle cause superficial infections. The usual signs of any superficial infection are… [read more]

Help for my summer sun-damaged skin

Plastic Surgeon Buckhead            Plastic Surgeon Atlanta                 Plastic Surgeon Alpharetta Elizabeth Morgan MD PhD FACS                                404-941-3200              Cosmetic  Question:   With the summer over, what can I do for my sun damaged skin? Too many new lines!   Cosmetic  Answer:   Sun light with its infrared and ultraviolet, damages our skin.  Thinning, veins, fine lines,… [read more]

Can I have Implants with a Breast Lift or Reduction

Elizabeth Morgan MD PhD FACS                                404-941-3200              Cosmetic  Question:  I have a 38DD chest. My breasts sag a lot. I’m finished having children. I want perky young breasts. Can I have breast implants with a breast lift or breast reduction?   Cosmetic  Answer:   It is a little hard to say. Here’s why -… [read more]

Getting Rid of Age Spots

Elizabeth Morgan MD PhD FACS                                404-941-3200              Cosmetic  Question:  How can I get rid of age spots?   Cosmetic  Answer: Age spots, also called sun spots, liver spots or solar lentigenes are a skin color change from sun damage. They form on sun exposed skin – perhaps because the sun increases release of a… [read more]

Z-Plasty Neck Lift

Cosmetic Surgery Question: What is an in-office Z-plasty? Is there a Z-plasty neck lift?   Cosmetic Surgery Answer:  A Z-plasty is a plastic surgery technique that rearranges skin. The incision is  “Z” – shaped, hence its name. Z-plasties can tighten loose skin.   In cosmetic surgery,  a Z-plasty neck lift  may be done alone or… [read more]

Cosmetic Surgery and HCGT Diet

Cosmetic Surgery Question: Is it safe to have cosmetic surgery on the HCGT diet (human chorionic gonadotropin diet)?   Cosmetic Surgery Answer: No. The HCGT diet isn’t safe.     The HCGT diet combines a 500 calorie starvation diet with physician-directed injections of HCGT, the pregnancy hormone.  The HCGT interferes with all normal hormone function…. [read more]

How much liposuction can safely be done with local anesthesia?

It depends on where you have it done.   Local anesthesia liposuction up to 500 cc (a pint) is safe in the office with light sedation by mouth. It hurts a bit but takes an hour or less. Most liposuction touch-ups are done this way. Office liposuction is excellent for saddle bag liposuction and deltoid… [read more]

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